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Florida Association of Public Information Officers (FAPIO)

The Florida Association of Public Information Officers (FAPIO) provides training through the development and coordination of a wide range of opportunities, including the largest statewide PIO event, the Florida PIO Symposium and associated programs held each January in Daytona Beach. FAPIO membership is governed by a section council and executive board. Membership in the association is not required to take advantage of the training opportunities or to join the Florida PIO Deployment Team. We are an all-disciplines organization. Regardless of your wheelhouse - if you are in law enforcement, fire rescue, EMS, municipal, county, state or federal government, transit, education or healthcare, utilities or non-governmental agencies, you are welcome to take advantage of our programs and benefit from our association.

Florida PIO Deployment Team

The Florida Association of Public Information Officers (FAPIO), a section of the Florida Fire Chiefs' Association (FFCA), manages the national-known Florida PIO Deployment Team, that coordinates the voluntary deployment of PIOs to disasters that require additional public communications capabilities during an emergency or activation under the Florida Division of Emergency Management. If you are deployed, your home agency is fully reimbursed for covered expenses like your salary, overtime, travel, lodging and meals. FDEM has streamlined the process for reimbursement to under 45 days, providing the proper documentation is submitted. During a deployment activation, a statewide PIO resource request survey is generated for available PIOs. You must obtain home agency approval before accepting the deployment. If you are selected, a mission number is assigned by FDEM to ensure reimbursement. Self-dispatching to an event or a disaster is not covered and is strongly discouraged. Most deployments require a one-week minimum commitment, but every mission is different. Sometimes PIOs with unique skillsets are canvassed for availability – like bilingual, video production, graphics and digital media, to name a few. Newer PIOs who have never deployed will be paired with experienced PIOs for the mission. The experience gained from any deployment is immeasurable and you return home with experience that will benefit your career and agency. Deployment Team application are accepted year-round and can be found at

Statewide PIO Meeting & Deployment Team Update

3 – 5 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 20 - Ocean Center - Room 101A

All PIOs welcome – no charge to attend

Join us to learn more about the Florida PIO Deployment Team

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