"One Bad Day" The Proactive Approach of RIT Operations
Date & Time
Tuesday, December 6, 2022, 9:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Bassel Ibrahim

In this presentation, we will discuss the many facets of RIT, from the stress response physiology to the command aspect, down to the rescue itself. We will discuss the difference between a proactive and reactive RIT; then dive into the key factors for success (Teamwork, Communication, Leadership and Pre-Planning). Once the basic concepts are established, we will address the actual RIT activation process in the following order: The Mayday, Size up, Access, Search, Troubleshooting, Air management, Victim Packaging, Extraction and Post Extraction Care. LEARNING OBJECTIVES This course will cover the following: -Stress Response Physiology -Survival: Maydays, Self-rescue, Air Management -RIT: Access, Search, Troubleshooting, Air management, Packaging, Extraction, Post extraction care -Commanding a Mayday METHODOLOGY This interactive PowerPoint presentation will encourage the students to take a deeper look at the functionality of RIT and realize its importance on the fireground. Through case studies, collected national data and personal experiences, I will share information, photos and videos that students can relate to and take back to their respective agencies in hopes of enhancing their training ability to conduct an effective RIT operation. Emphasis will be placed on the importance of pre-determined assignments and being proactive. WHY? Most Fire Departments view RIT as a “check the box” assignment. I have a passion for RIT and want to change the way firefighters view that function to help prevent line of duty deaths. By educating and sharing my views, I believe my goal can be achieved. I’ve spent countless hours of training and research on RIT operations, having been assigned to Orlando’s Heavy Rescue 1, our primary function on every fire was that of a proactive RIT. I’ve been on many fires where Maydays were prevented due to the aggressiveness of our RIT company. I also Lead the Orlando Fire Department’s RIT competition teams, through which we’ve won multiple competitions over the last few years. Most importantly, as a member of said team, we are constantly training, perfecting our craft in hopes of saving our own.