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Gordon Graham
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Gordon Graham has been actively involved in law enforcement since 1973. He is an Attorney, consultant, lecturer, and author focusing on organizational and operational risk management issues. He has developed training systems and programs used by both private and public sector organizations around the world. His training program, “Six Minutes for Safety” has been adopted by Fire Departments around North America, and by all Federal Fire Fighting Agencies and has been credited with reducing wildland firefighter injuries and deaths. His innovative safety system “Non Punitive Close Call Reporting” is receiving international acclaim from firefighter organizations, and was the genesis for the firefighternearmiss.com safety website. In 2005, Gordon received the prestigious Presidential Award from the International Association of Fire Chiefs for his lifelong work in improving firefighter safety and performance. In 2015 he received the lifetime dedication award from the International Public Safety Leadership and Ethics Institute. In 2018 he received the James Oberstar Sentinel for Safety Award for his lifetime work in improving aviation safety internationally. In 2019 he received the Howard W. Rayon Distinguished Service Award. Gordon is the Co-Founder of Lexipol, a company designed to standardize policy, procedure and training within public safety agencies around America.
Gordon Graham