The Chief Fire Officer and the Legislative Process

As Florida's leading organization for fire and emergency services professionals, Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association specializes in advocating for legislation and regulations that enhance the ability of fire professionals to protect and preserve the communities they serve.
The Mission Statement of the association states; “The Florida Fire Chiefs' Association shall advance the profession of fire and emergency services through strategic and proactive leadership, education, development, and advocacy.”
The association strives to accomplish its mission by committing its leadership and staff to a series of strategic elements specifically designed to serve the needs of its members. All elements and corresponding key initiatives have been articulated and approved by the Board of Directors.
To achieve the mission of the association, strategic initiatives with realistic goals and objectives must be established. Goals and objectives are imperative to provide the individual members with adequate direction. The attainment of a performance objective should be recognized and celebrated to provide the proper sense of accomplishment.
The number one strategic initiative of the association is to create and maintain a Legislative Committee that serves the association year-round as the FFCA’s proactive voice for legislative and regulatory issues. To achieve this initiative, we must; 1.) Establish a methodology and policy to ensure a greater presence in Tallahassee during the legislative session, 2.) Develop and adopt a legislative agenda that serves the best interest of the association and its membership, 3.) Develop and adopt a federal legislative agenda.

The purpose of this one-day symposium is to focus on the training, equipping, and the empowering members of the Association to engage in the legislative process.


Florida Historic Capitol Museum
400 S. Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32301


Since 1845, the Historic Capitol has symbolized Florida state government. Restored to its 1902 appearance, the Historic Capitol stands as an icon at the center of Florida’s Capitol complex; the modern-day nerve center of Sunshine State government. Under the stained-glass dome, political history and tradition come alive in the exhibits.