FFCA Conferences & Events

The Florida Fire Chiefs' Assocation (FFCA) holds annual conferences, educational events and meetings throughout the year for professionals within the Fire Service. At all times, we are accepting proposals for presentations relevant to our industry and efforts. Individual call for proposals may be opened in concurrence with each event and the Association will at times solicit speakers as it relates to our pressing issues at the time.
The below is a list of our anticipated speaking opportunities available during the year:


  • Fire-Rescue East (January)
    Our largest conference event which encompasses hands-on training, lectures, workshops, programs for administrative functions working within the fire service, real-world scenario competitions, and including the largest tradeshow of industry vendors in the southeast. This event consists of various events and sessions occurring concurrently.
  • Emergency Vehicle Technician National Training Academy (May)
    This training event is specific to Emergency Vehicle Technicians who perform maintenance on emergency vehicles and apparatuses within the fire service. These technicians are required to receive a degree of education and training to obtain certification to service these complex and life-saving vehicles.
  • Executive Development Conference (July/August)
    This conference is specifically leadership-geared and attended primarily by the head of department or chief officers within the fire service. These individuals are typically the most influential and/or decision makers of their respective departments. The educational component is structured as all general sessions, thus, speakers have a captured audience of the attendees.
  • Safety and Health Conference (December)
    This conference focuses on the health, safety and overall wellness of first responders within the fire service, addressing hazards exposure, contamination, mental health, risks of cancer and processes/programs which aim to reduce these occurrences. The educational component is structured as all general sessions, thus, speakers have a captured audience of the attendees.


Training & Events

  • Emergency Services Leadership Institute (ESLI)
    This series of six training sessions, each 2-day session focusing on a different function within the fire department outside of the general role of a firefighter, is attended by field officers who wish to pursue a role in leadership. This program gives the attendees a comprehensive understanding of the various responsibilities of the fire department and the organization as a whole, as well as how it relates to the community and general public.
  • Public Training/Informational Sessions/Symposiums
    The Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association occasionally hosts and/or coordinates educational or informative sessions relevant to current and pressing issues to its members and network of contacts. Depending on the content, structure and cost, the courses are offered at minimal or no cost to attendees.
  • Regional Meetings
    Typically occurring once a year, Regional Directors host meetings for members and contacts of the Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association for a half-day meeting with presentations from various fire service entities, providing updates, recent changes or relevant topics specific to the industry or those localities.

About the FFCA

Florida Fire Chiefs' Association
221 Pinewood Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32303
(850) 900-5180  |  info@ffca.org


Since 1958, FFCA has served the chief fire executive of career, combination and volunteer departments. In 1993, the decision was made to open the membership up to any individual involved in fire and emergency services from the chief fire executive to the firefighter and to serve these members by establishing professional-interest sections where specialized programming is offered.

In 1994, FFCA’s Foundation, the Florida Fire Chiefs' Foundation was established. Education programs are offered through the foundation’s Center for Fire and Emergency Services Leadership including the Emergency Services Leadership Institute (ESLI).

A board of directors composed of six regional directors and a five-member executive committee governs the association. There is a staff of five and two contracted lobbyists. The headquarters is located in Tallahassee.

FFCA represents over 2,200 members.


The Florida Fire Chiefs' Association (FFCA) is Florida's leading management education organization for fire and emergency services professionals. It is the professional association that specializes in promoting and supporting excellence in fire and emergency services management. FFCA programs help members maintain and develop their management and leadership skills.


The Florida Fire Chiefs' Association advances the profession of fire and emergency services through proactive leadership, education and advocacy.