The nations ONLY Fire Service Rapid Intervention Competition!
This competition is designed to go back to the “BASIC SKILLS” of the individual firefighter along with the “BASIC TOOLS” needed to rescue one of our own. From basic skills, such as SCBA confidence and search, to advanced skills, including assessing the downed firefighter and removal of a downed firefighter, Firefighter teams in this competition will show their strengths in all of these skills.
The goal for this competition is to allow teams to show the skills needed, under a graded and timed format, for a timely intervention of a downed firefighter. The skills applied are the same that are used on fire grounds across the country.
Although this is a timed skills event and an evolution simulating the real world, competitors will understand the assumption that all decisions and actions need to be verbalized for scoring and timing. ALL COMMUNICATIONS WILL BE OVER THE RADIO. All procedures will be done and not simulated. Many of these procedures are part of the judging process, and again must be verbalized over the radio as teams take appropriate actions. Each team shall consist of a group of five (5) - four (4) performing the search and rescue, and one (1) in Command.
The RIT Competition's rules and regulations have recently been revised. This document contains pertinent information as to the process of the competition and what is expected of participants. Please ensure you are familiar with the most recent version of this document as acknowledgement of these terms is required for completion of your registration to the competition. It is highly advised to save or print a copy for your records. Reference and download a copy of the RIT Competition rules by clicking here.
Fees: $350 per team of 5
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